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Saath Fellowship Application Opens Now

1st February 2017
Are you the kind of person who wants to make a difference? Have you always wanted to do something for the society, something for the nation? Have you always wanted to be an active change maker? Do you love working in challenging situations? Always wanted to work on the ground, but did not know how or with which organization? Here are the answers to your questions.

Social sector is an important sector for India’s economy and includes components such as education, health and medical care, water supply, sanitation, poverty alleviation, housing etc. that make a vital contribution in human development.

Saath: Enabling Contributions to Human Development through Fellowships
Saath initiated its Integrated Community/ Slum Development Programme, which sought to rejuvenate slums into vibrant neighbourhoods through empowerment of communities, in 1989.Saath has been working with slum/ low-income settlement residents and vulnerable people in urban and rural areas in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Telangana and Maharashtra. It addresses multiple needs of the socio-economically vulnerable people with one-stop solutions leading to holistic growth. Saath collaborates with the communities, which in turn co-invest with Saath and donors for implementing and scaling-up of

Saath programmes.
Saath engages with organizations, corporates, academic institutions, civil society and individuals from India and across the globe as partners and supporters.

About the Saath Fellowship
The Saath Fellowship is an immersive, volunteer service program of 2 to 3 months that is structured to provide significant work experiences wherein the fellows are expected to take on a great deal of responsibility. Fellows can work on scalable and sustainable projects in the fields of education, livelihoods, housing and shelter, governance, rehabilitation and resettlement, and financial inclusion. It will give skilled young professionals an opportunity to work with Saath on grassroots development issues.

Why apply for the Saath Fellowship
The Saath Fellowship will be an enriching experience not just for the fellow but for the organization as well in terms of learnings and knowledge sharing. Different partnerships for the fellowship will add value to the not for profit sector by accelerating the growth of potential leaders who want to work for the social good and development of communities.The Fellow will be able to gain the following experience:
• Grass root level working experience with the community;
• Exposure to the working of a not-for-profit organisation;
• Sessions with various universities/institutes/experts from various fields;
• Exposure to the unique integrated approach of Saath under the same roof, through work in varied sectors mentioned earlier
• Working with different stakeholders looking at how various partnerships work through mutual collaborations.

A Completion Certificate will be provided to the Fellows after the completion.

Students and Young Professionals from across the world can apply for the Saath Fellowship. Selection will be done on the basis of application form and a personal interview.

Application for the 2017 Saath Fellowship opens on 1st February 2017 and closes on 28 February 2017.
The Fellowship of 60 working daysdurationwill be in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and will start from 20/ 27 March 2017 and conclude on 17th June 2017.

There is no application fee. Upon successful selection for the Fellowship, candidates will be required to pay before starting of the Fellowship:
Indian candidates:Rs. 5,000
Non-Indian candidates: US$ 250


Do fill the internship form and send it to


Credibility Alliance Certificate

July 29, 2016
Saath accredited by Credibility Alliance for good governance and promoting transparency and accountability among Social organisations for 5 years.
*Credibility Alliance is a consortium of Voluntary Organizations (VOs) committed towards enhancing Accountability and Transparency.


ICE Awards

July 29, 2016
Saath's Annual Report 2014-15 selected among top 100 meritorious magazines by In-House Communication Excellence Awards, 2016, an initiative by Shailaja Nair Foundation.