The innovations page outlines the new initiatives that Saath is developing and are currently in planning and designing mode.

Women Drivers

The proposed project is about training women as drivers for them to get meaningful employment. Through the project women from weak socio-economic backgrounds will be selected and provided training in driving of cars and after the training placement opportunities will be found for them. By preparing and placing women drivers as professional drivers, the programme will enable socially excluded female members of the society to move from the margins to mainstream economy.

The programme will enhances their awareness on rights and enable them to become independent and confident individuals able to make informed choices and decisions in life. The project will provide technical, self-empowerment and self-development training to fully equip women to become self-sustaining professional drivers. The training modules will include driving theory and practice, basic mechanics skills and on road identification and map reading. Self-defence, gender equality, legal rights of women, women’s health and sexuality sessions will be carried out as well. Additional sessions will focus on training on self-caring, financial literacy, effective communication and English language classes.

The programme team will assist the trainees to acquire driver’s license, citizenship document and accident insurance and open a bank account. Family members of the women will be engaged as well to ensure women receive on-going support throughout their learning journey to complete the training. Access to counsellors will be provided to ensure women are accompanied throughout their journey and have somewhere to turn to if facing domestic violence. The women will be provided Entrepreneurship training as well for them to start their own ventures if they want after the completion of training.

Integrated Services for Migrants

Saath is running Child Friendly Spaces classes for construction workers and Nirman training project for construction workers. The Integrated project will combine elements of both the above projects with additional components to give a complete solution to migrant workers coming to work at the construction sites. The project will select a construction site with minimum 50-100 labourers and carry out skill enhancement training for them to upgrade their skills and increase their wages accordingly. Education classes will be run for workers children at the sites only providing them a safe and secure environment while the parents are working. The children will be provided education and nutrition support. The construction workers will also be made aware about the safety and regulations to be followed during working and will be provided support by Saath’s Urban Resource Centres for their documentation. The construction site owner will provide space for running the training and classes and a nominal training fees will be charged for the workers as well to meet part cost of the project.

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