Vocational Training



Majority of the youth engaged in this program hails from underserved communities. Financial independence is important for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Skill development and vocational education would align them to better employment opportunities and lead them to a platform to develop their skills and earn a livelihood. The purpose of this market aligned skill-training programme is to orient trainees, give required theoretical as well as practical knowledge and provide with job placements. The Training and Placement of unemployed youth of age 18 years to 35 years takes place in trades like retail management, sewing machine operator, beauty and wellness, micro- entrepreneurship, chef training, geriatric care, and home manager.

Our Intervention

We mobilise the youth from the slum areas to our training centres through the process of need assessment and counseling. A two- three months of training module comprising of theory and practical exposure is curated followed by exposure visits, mock interview sessions, guest lectures, and final placement.


We have trained approximately 1044 youth and placed approximately 700 of them in various jobs.

Way Forward

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