Business Gym


Business Gym is an initiative by Saath Charitable Trust with an aim to amplify the pride and resilience of micro-entrepreneurs from the urban areas of the country by upskilling their entrepreneurial abilities, hand holding & mentoring for business processes and increasing their revenues.


In India, informal sector enterprises are responsible for a significant amount of livelihoods and services, forming a large contribution in economic development. Their unique identities help in local employment creation, balance resource utilization, income generation, and promote social change. But they are structurally isolated from many supports that are needed for their formation, running, and sustaining small businesses. They require more knowledge of the product, the business, the market, and strategies for effectively administering their business and increasing their competitiveness and productivity.

Our Interventions

Onboarding Phase: The process starts with identification of existing and new interested micro-entrepreneurs from areas of Ahmedabad and Jaipur (presently). They are enrolled into the Business GYM programme and are oriented through a few meetings.

Monthly Mentoring & Handholding: Into these the micro-entrepreneurs are supported for linkages & upskilling loans, business planning, operations, maintaining accounts, business branding & marketing and technical skills through training.

Sustainability measures: The significant part of the programme focuses on supporting micro-entrepreneurs in developing networks, reskilling, sharing of learnings & resources, and allied measures to make the changes sustainable and community-owned.


Presently the Business GYM programme is working with more than 1000 micro-entrepreneurs from parts of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Way Forward

Saath aims to take Business GYM initiative to other urban geographies by collaborating with like minded partners to accelerate the entrepreneurial abilities with resilience and growth of micro-entrepreneurs.

Rebooting Livelihoods

Rs. 30,00,000 for reviving livelihoods of micro and nano entrepreneurs.

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